Transfer Audio & Video

Transfer Your Videos to DVD or Music to CD

Are your priceless memories gathering dust stored away in a closet or attic? No matter what format they are in, we can transfer your memories onto a DVD for easy viewing with the accessibility of long-lasting protection and space-saving storage.

For The Generations can help you revisit your favorite memories, even if your old camcorder is shattered or your VCR is broken. By having your video tapes transferred to DVD, you will have many more years to view those special times in your life. Whether that special time in your life was your wedding, a family reunion, or your child’s birthday, etc. we make it simple for you to enjoy your family memories more often.

Do you have an old audio cassette with family memories recorded or Reel to Reel audio, but you only have a CD player? We can transfer your treasures onto a CD. Don’t be stuck in the past. Let us bring you into the future!

What We Offer

Our services include the following:

Transfer to DVD:
VHS/VHS-C/8mmVHS       $20 per tape

Transfer to CD:
$15 per item

Reel to Reel Audio
Audio Cassette
Records and LPs (78, 45, 33)

Transfer to DVD from Film:
8 mm (silent)/Super 8 mm (silent)/16 mm (with sound)
3” reel $5 per                                    6” reel $20 per
4” reel $10 per                                  7” reel $25 per
5” reel $15 per                                   8” reel $30 per
Music added for $2 per song (Ask about Narration)

Contact us today to learn more about our transferring services as well as our photo services and others we offer!

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